Portable Camera Obscura

Around the City Centre, 26th May


A portable Camera Obscura will be roaming the streets of Birmingham throughout Monday 26th May (postponed from Saturday due to rain)… do we need to say more? Come and experience the city in a different way through this bespoke device.

To find out where the Camera Obscura is, check the @BhamObscura Twitter account. More information is at bhamobscura.com

About the Creators

Jenny Duffin and Pete Ashton are photographic explorers with a penchant for giant cameras. They are interested in the fundamentals of photography and the magic of controlling light to make art.

Since joining forces in January 2014 they have converted the top floor of the Rotunda and the Old Joint Stock theatre into giant pinhole cameras and are developing a unique portable camera obscura wheelbarrow to tour the streets of Birmingham this summer.

Duffin and Ashton are open with their process and enjoy sharing their knowledge. They run participatory workshops where anyone can make a usable cardboard pinhole camera. They believe photography is a fun and easy way to appreciate the city in new and exciting ways.